Collaboration with Pianella happens as organically as design. Much of the editions to date began with a conversation and a feat for a challenge. 


x Mattia Bergamo

Mattia’s heritage is firmly placed in Architecture, his father Moreno Bergamo began his firm in the 80s, setting the stage for what has developed into a lifetime career path and passion for his son. Graduating in 2014 at the Venice University with a degree in Architecture, Mattia went on to work across the field in public building and landscape design. 

Sinuhe and Mattia grew up in the same region, both friends at youth and in typical Italian fashion they remain good friends today. After spending a few months together in London last year the pair considered a collaboration that worked together two contrasting styles of design. Sinuhe Pianella with his affection towards Japanese naturalism and simplicity as it manifests in the work of George Nakashima, and Mattia Bergamo's love for the modular, line, simplicity and form with reference to Mondrian and Sol Levitt.. 

The Shelving Unit offers three different inner options for production. Some lend to simply books others to include television sets or large ornamental features.



x Marta Barina

Multimedia artist and freelance curator Marta Barina was born in 1993 in Treviso, Italy. Currently she lives and works in London. Her practice sits within the physical world with works crafted from wood, metal, resin, acrylic, foam or paint. A fearless artist with an entrepreneurial spirit, Marta has a dynamite can do spirit where no commission is impossible.

Marta Barina collaborated with Sinuhe Pianella in October 2014 for the production of the Arnesi table, which was included in her performative installation 'The Photographer's Eye' at the Royal Academy during 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album' event. The table was designed and crafted in wood by Pianella using reclaimed Lebanese Cedarwood and then finished with a hand-made light emulsion photographic print by Barina.

The technicality of the work is a feet of artistry. The wood is literally immersed in water in order to draw out the photographic print as if it were paper threatening damage to the tables surface. It is then brought back to life, and restored as new by Sinuhe Pianella and finished with danish oil. This limited edition table is one of a kind and has toured over the last two year, showing in installation alongside Artist Pamela Anne Meyers’ porcelain and original paintings at the Shop at Bluebird in Chelsea, London. It currently sits in her private collection.